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01.Our Services


We have the expertise to develop, manage and produce Trade Show Experiences from Public to Private, and from 30,000 Square Feet to 600,000+ Square Feet


If you are planning a trade show or already manage them, we can help grow participation, increase revenue, and lower costs.


If you participate in trade shows and your staff needs training we can help. We have Booth staff training from introductory to advanced.

What You Can ImagineWe Can




02.Why Choose Us

Strategy And Planning

We transform your event by intersecting your objectives, segmented constituent needs and industry insights to develop targeted, sustainable growth plans.


Data-driven digital marketing and SEO strategies boost website traffic, drive new leads, raise brand visibility and provide high engagement.


We implement emerging trends, industry best practices, quantitative data and analytics to improve and optimize returns on investment (ROI).


We take a targeted approach that focuses on developing new markets and revenue streams while providing service and excellence to existing customers.


Using streamlined positioning, message frameworks, and event development architecture we can consult and manage key projects efficiently and effectively.


We create visions for current and future events that are unique to each client’s individual objectives with bleeding edge innovation and measurable results.

03.Our Results

“That was about 1.5 million dollars that I made in 15 minutes this morning [at the Expo].”


“Our units sell for $8,000 and at one event we sold 15. We sold 8 at the another one of your events. This has been our most successful way of marketing these units, because there are a lot of people that show up to these shows. It is nice having them all in one area so we don’t have to travel all across the country.”  


“We came as attendees , and through our experience, we realized that we had to be exhibitors  at all of the shows. It was that big of a deal to us that we walked in the door we knew that this was what we wanted to be a part of. We had already sold some products by 1 pm on the first day.”


“Within hours of the show opening, we have appointments with an 18-man crew account, a 40-man crew account and an 80-man crew account.”

Cintas, Cintas

“Everybody that came in were qualified leads. They were end-users, distributors and people we can look at as channel partners.”

Black Gold Supply, Black Gold Supply

“The people walking through the doors are exactly the people that we want to talk to: the operations people, the managerial people, and the purchasing people.”

Hytorc Central, Hytorc Central

“We picked up two customers who have actually placed orders with us. One customer has since ordered four times… We do five shows a year, and four of them we do with you.”

American Spincast, American Spincast

“We had a customer come in, they saw a flow meter they particularly liked and the next thing I knew, I was in their office a few weeks later with a 1.8 million dollar contract for two years’ worth of product.”

Techstar, Techstar

“We have exhibited with since 2011.  On a scale from 1-10, I would say this last show was a 9.  I was able to pull 12 qualified leads from this last show.”

Sidewinder Pumps, Sidewinder Pumps

“The guys walking through the door are decision-makers.”

Sioux Steel, Sioux Steel

“We came out with a half a million dollar order right off the bat. The quality of the leads is a 10. This is it, this is where you want to be.”

Best Equipment Co., Best Equipment Co.

“The most recent Expo allowed us the face time we needed to regain a customer that we had lost to our competitors.  It was a $400,000 account we regained.  We also were able to bid on two new accounts that could yield an additional $300-$400,000 a year each.  These are our results from exposure at one show.”

American Block, American Block

04.Our Projects